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Chart Animation is a Microsoft Excel plugin that allow you to create animated charts with an high level of customization. Infact, it's possible to:
The price includes the video-guides for use the plugin.
Watch the plugin in action
In this demo sample is shown the ability to animate different charts while Excel controls that data didn't overflow.
Quick start guide
This clip
shows how it's simple and quick to personalize data used for animation and animation settings.
How to custmoize charts
This clip shows how to cusmoize the kind of chart and its position in Excel documents. Moreover, you will see an example of how it's possible to insert data to animate the chart.
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Create animated charts with Excel
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About the project
This project takes inspiration from the presentation of  Hans Rosling on sito it is proposed as a tool  support the presentation of data in the teaching /  work. The tool is used to present data in  following areas:  :
Eng. Domenico Gioia
[email protected]
TAG AND KEYWORDS FOR SEARCH ENGINE: A column chart shows data changes over a period of time or illustrates comparisons among items. Column charts have the following chart sub-types: column chart animation or A bar chart illustrates comparisons among individual items. Bar charts have the following chart sub-types: bar chart animation; line chart animation; pie chart animation; An area chart emphasizes the magnitude of change over time. Area charts have the following chart sub-types: area chart animation. A surface chart is useful when you want to find optimum combinations between two sets of data. You can animate surface chart whit let operation. And Buble chart animation. Move your chart or move your excel chart.
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